L) Max Sun, Min Elevation
A PDF of a textfile of the commands of this Part are also available:
Chris explains what the Max Sun and Min Elevation commands mean in this 1:27 video
The telescope will default to the settings in the copied commands, but sometimes astronomers want a little bit more control. For our image requests, we will input the commands with the default numbers shown. You may change the target for the following image request if you would like, but make sure you have the correct RA and Dec. Also input the name you would like for your image.
Check your commands in your open Quorum Box, or, use the link below to return you to that same Quorum Box for Image Requests:
The rest of the commands are the same previously used.
action ResponseReceived(text response)
output response
1. If your Journal is not open in another tab, use the link below to open it. Record your image information and comments.
2. Check to see if your image request went through and is present in Skynet on the “Optical Observations” list.
3. Check the status of any of your previous image requests. If you are still waiting, skip to the next part.
4. If any images are ready, open them in Afterglow Access. Go through the “good” vs “bad” image list and add notes to your Observation Journal. Again, we will examine the tools of Afterglow Access in the next Section.

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