M) Set Filter
A PDF of a textfile of the commands of this Part are also available:
Chris talks about filters and the AddFilter command in this 0:49 video.
Recall from the CCD camera activity how filters allow only the desired “color” (which is really wavelength) of photons to interact with each pixel. We will use a “Clear” filter for our image requests in this Exploration. A clear filter means NONE of the light is blocked except for a small number of wavelengths near ultraviolet. Therefore, most photons in the visible spectrum are collected by the CCD camera. This range of collected photons is affected by the efficiency of the camera. This efficiency is actually called the “quantum” efficiency of the camera, and is determined when it is manufactured.
The command looks like this:
1. This will be your fourth image request, so you can choose any of the targets listed in Part J. You will need to look up the object’s RA and Dec to use in your commands.
2. Go to your Quorum Box for Image Requests, or open the link below.
3. If you want, “Reset” the box and start over for practice. See the previous Parts to get the commands correct.
4. If you choose so, just change the RA, Dec, and Name as needed. Check the AddFilter command to see if it has the correct filter.
5. Submit your request.
6. Don’t forgot to check the image status of any previous images. Do this through Skynet or Afterglow Access as shown previously.
7. Use your Observational Journal for the information on this fourth request. Also, note any returned images as whether they are acceptable or not. Give reasons.

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