O) Wrap Up

You should have made a total of five image requests. Each image should have been opened in Afterglow Access and checked to determine if it was “good” or “bad” (useful or not). Notes should have been made in the Observation Journal.
Type your answers to these questions in the Journal Box below.
1. Compare your returned images to any you found online. Why does it not look the same? Give as many reasons as you can.
2. How many of your images were acceptable?
3. What were you disappointed in?
4. What did you find interesting?
5. What about the command lines were hard? Here is a link to a list of the commands you used:
Challenge: Chris thinks he can write a script with input boxes to make the process of requesting images easier. Give it a try! See the link below for some suggestions:
If you are ready to go to the next section, you may either click on the link below, or scroll up near the top and click on the word “IDATA”, which is underneath the large printed word “Explorations”, but above the word “Section”. After you click the “IDATA”, you will need to scroll down a bit and click on the Section needed, which are listed horizontally, each with an image .

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