The IDATA project has resulted in a variety of teaching and learning resources that support computational thinking and astronomy teaching and learning. The resources below are either freely downloadable or accessible via web browser. If you have questions, please reach out to the IDATA project at Contact.

Afterglow Access Software

The Afterglow Access (AgA) is a complete browser-based astronomy image and data analysis software tool. The software is designed to work with screen readers and incorporates unique features that allow the user to experience images through sound, making astronomy more accessible to the blind and visually impaired (BVI).

Afterglow Access (AgA) is here!

The AgA Software Manual is now available for download as a pdf or Word document:

PDF version  – AgA Software Manual

Microsoft Word version – AgA Software Manual

IMPORTANT: We strongly recommend you watch the Afterglow Access Demo video prior to trying out the software.

To access the AgA software, you will need either a GMAIL account or a Skynet account.

Give it a try and let us know what you think!

IDATA Asteroid Exploration Module

Students completing the Asteroid Exploration Module will gain a deeper understanding of the tools and processes that astronomers use when determining if an asteroid is a potential threat to planet Earth. Students first learn how asteroid orbits can be described mathematically, and how they are classified. Understanding these orbital parameters allow astronomers to determine if the asteroid will cross Earth’s orbit at a time when a collision could occur. Learners will also explore questions including;


    • Will the asteroid burn up in Earth’s atmosphere or remain intact to strike the surface?
    • How fast is the asteroid moving?
    • How big is it?
    • What is its composition?

Astronomy Hour of Code

Professional astronomers use computer controlled robotic telescopes today to make their observations. In this Hour of Code, we are going to learn about computer programming and by the end of activity 20 work with a virtual telescope in your browser to search for astronomical objects in a 3D virtual world.

IDATA User Centered Design (UCD) Activities

Explore the UCD Activities that were part of the IDATA project.

Download the IDATA poster

IDATA research poster
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