Part 2B: Models

In this first, 4:36 video, Chris decides to ask his friend Katya about changing or varying brightness of objects in space:


In this next, 3:29 video, Chris talks about making a model of an asteroid:


Teachers/Leaders: Refer to the following link for a document to help discuss models.

A Guide for Discussing Models

Students: Use your journal to answer the questions about models:

1. In Part A, the Introduction of Section 2, one of the activities your teacher/leader may have had you do was create a model for an object that varys in brightness. If so, describe the model you created.
2. Define the word model (scientific model).
3. Identify some examples of scientific models that we have already used.
4. List any inaccuracies these models had.
5. How can a model be useful even if it’s not perfect?