J) RA and Dec Commands
A PDF of a textfile of the commands of this Part are also available:
Let us go back to the Quorum Box for Image Requests you have been using, either by opening the link below, or by using ctrl tab# to return to the tab with the Quorum Box. All the commands for your first image should be still there, but it’s OK if they are not. You can either delete everything after the AddTelescope() command and start from there, or just find the three commands you are working on in this part and change those if you chose a target different than the celestial object M104. You may also use the RESET button, which deletes everything except the first, required 7 lines. Then, retype the AddTelescope command as you did in the last part before continuing with the new commands.

M104 was the target of your first image request. You may use that for your second request, or, you may pick a different celestial object from this list from Tyler.
1. M104
2. M6
3. M68
4. M83
5. M5
6. M107
Look up the object you picked on Wikipedia. The RA and Dec are listed on the right side of the Wikepedia page. Record the object name and its RA and Dec in your Observation Journal (if you do not have it open, the link is below). Do not type the RA and Dec into the command line until you read the formatting instructions below the video. Also, add a few facts to your Journal about the object. If possible, download a picture to your computer for reference.
In the first 0:52 video, Chris will explain a few things about the RA and Dec commands in the video below. Recall the activity we did with the umbrella and RA and Dec in Part H.
In this 0:46 video, Chris describes the SetName command.
Now we are ready to format the commands:
1. Replace the question marks(???) in the commands below with the information for your object. When you find the RA and Dec, make sure you change all the units (h, m, s, °, ‘, “) to colons(:). Also, don’t forget the parentheses (to show that these are the inputs to the command) and the quotes (to show that this is text).
2. Once you are finished with the three new commands, check for the rest of the commands in the Quorum Box. Recall, you either left them there from the previous run, or went back to Part I to copy and paste them. If you are not using a screen reader, the lines are numbered. There should be 24 lines of commands.
3. Click the “BUILD” button and then the “RUN” button.
4. Check Skynet to see if your image is on the observation list, if so, record the information into your Observation Journal, which should be open in another tab.
5. Before leaving this part, use the Journal Box provided below to answer these questions:
a) What was the object type you chose to take an image of?
b) Briefly define this type of object.
c) Type in the name of the object.
d) Find an image of your target online. Will your telescope image appear like the one you found online? Why or Why not?
e) How will the telescope know where this object is located?

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