Part 3L: Interpreting the Data

Once you have the sonified graph open:

Explore the graph! Listen to it. Change the settings to your liking.

What do you notice about the graph? Can you relate it to the potato model done earlier?

Does your graph have peaks? What do they correspond to on the potato model?


Steps for Interpretation of the Data:

1. Locate the first two peaks. Read the ‘x’ values for the peaks. Record these two values.

2. Return to the filtered table – it should be in a different tab and contain only 8 rows.

  • Recall the ‘x’ values correspond to the file_id column.

3. On the table, find the corresponding modified julian date (mjd) for the two ‘x’ values you read off the graph in step 1 above.

4. Subtract the smaller number from the larger number. Record the number.

5. This number represents the time for one half a rotation. Therefore, multiply it by 2.

6. Let’s convert it to hours. Do this by multiplying the answer from #5 by 24 hours.

How close did you come to the accepted answer? How could you find this accepted answer?